A review in three sentences

On our search for film reviews telling us some more about 23 WALKS, the Thursday night movie (YES – tomorrow!) at Alte Gerberei, we found a brief statement written by Matthew Bond (for Event magazine).

The whole review consists of three sentences only, but hey, doesn’t it make you curious?
He says

23 walks is a gentle little British picture about a sixtysomething couple – played by Alison Steadman (on our TV screens this week in Life) and I, Daniel Blake star Dave Johns – who meet walking their respective dogs in North London parks and gradually fall in love.

Until we discover that amiable, easy-going Dave has been hiding a rather big secret.

It’s a bit slow to get going, and could have done with better chemistry between the two leads, but does feature nice parks and one of the most startling sex scenes you’ll see all year.

Original review here, scroll down.

So let’s have a look then … see you there tomorrow!

** 23 WALKS **
** Thursday 21st July,  8 pm **
** Alte Gerberei, St. Johann in Tirol **
** in English with German Subtitles **

(c) Nick Wall Filmladen

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