This is the set-up of the hall, usually done on the morning of film day. In the two front rows you can sit on the couch, we also provide blankets. In front of the couch you have a table of your own for your wine, beer and crisps.

Must have been a film with many reservations that time when the photos were taken … usually we have no chair rows but only tables with chairs or couches.

IMAG0619s  IMAG0623

That was a packed night:

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Before the film, Platform 2 play a few songs for you. They are a guitar duo and play blues, rock, ballads and more blues. You can book them for your party -> check out their own website  and their YouTube Channel here.

Audience  ELFs background elfs_jan_2019 x

During the film, there is usually one intermission – get another drink from the bar!