Marvelous Medieval Madness

“The Favourite is Marvelous Medieval Madness … If you are in the mood for a little mischief, mayhem and marvelous acting – The Favourite is definitely the film for you.” says Carla Renata,


This month’s ELFs film is shown on a Friday, as part of the Lunaplexx festival – make sure you have a look at the festival’s other films, there are film passes available as well as excellent catering and live music.

Don’t miss it:
Friday, 26th July
Entrance at 19.00 h,
Food & drinks & live music at 19.30 h
Film starts at 21.00 h



Five reasons to watch The Favourite

Five reasons to watch The Favourite, are presented to us by Ian Freer in his review on The Telegraph website. Have a look …

THE FAVOURITE has already won various awards, among them
one Oscar,
one Golden Globe
and seven BAFTA awards …

Check out this Wikipedia link to see an updated list of all awards and nominations for THE FAVOURITE so far.

So don’t be put off when you see the historical costumes …it’s “a costume drama like no other”, says Ian Freer.

Make sure you come early and enjoy the live music, food and drinks before the film!


ELFs July film @ Lunaplexx

Dear Film Fans,

we apologise again for yesterday’s change of schedule, which was a quick fix due to technical difficulties. Anyway, Beale Street will be shown at a later date – we will inform you in time.

Our next film THE FAVOURITE will be shown as part of the yearly open air LUNAPLEXX festival; have a look at the festival schedule, which not only offers a special mixture of good movies, but also live music, food & drinks. There are festival passes available, in case you fancy more than one film.

Anyway, save the date for THE FAVOURITE – 26th July (it’s a Friday this time)!



Some background infos about this week’s film

Another short working week has started; don’t you look forward to a day off and a movie night this coming Thursday, June 20th?

We have found some background infos about this week’s film IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK for you.

The original novel is “If Beale Street Could Talk” (German title “Beale Street Blues”) by black writer James Baldwin. Born in 1924, Baldwin is considered one of the most renowned US writers of the 20th century.

Growing up in Harlem himself, in his works Baldwin dealt with equal rights of all people regardless of their origin, skin colour and sexual orientation, but also the civil rights movement. Currently – more than 31 years after his death – Baldwin’s works are still a contemporary issue: his writings and speeches are cited in the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

The love story written in 1974, against the background of racism and judicial arbitrariness, tells the story of the young black Tish fighting for her boyfriend Fonny, who is innocently imprisoned.

Don’t miss out on Thursday night! Here is the trailer again for you …

Teyonah Parris, KiKi Layne and Regina King star in If Beale Street Could Talk, adapted from James Baldwin’s 1974 novel.





ELFS June film: If Beale Street Could Talk

Hi Film Fans,

looking for information about our next film IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK, it is hard to find any negative voices. Throughout many reviews, critics say that this movie is even better than Moonlight (another Oscar film by the same director: Barry Jenkins).

It’s also another movie on the ELFS schedule with a high score on – 95 % on the Tomatometer, showing that among 320 approved critics, most of them have given the film a positive review … wow!

One of which was published in The Start Tribune: “‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ has a lot to say about racism …”, says Jeff Strickler. Read his full review here

Stay with us for more background information and make sure to block the evening on your calendar: Thursday 20th June – see you there!