The Beale Street Tomatometer Rating

What does the Tomatometer say about “If Beale Street Could Talk”?

On the movie gets a rating of 95 % (333 ratings).

Here is the Critics Consensus:

If Beale Street Could Talk honors its source material with a beautifully filmed adaptation that finds director Barry Jenkins further strengthening his visual and narrative craft.”

Have a look for yourself and check out directly what the 333 film critics have to say here.

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What is the meaning of ‘Beale Street’?

What is the meaning of ‘Beale Street’?

The title of James Baldwin’s novel “If Beale Street Could Talk” is a reference to the 1916 W.C. Handy blues song “Beale Street Blues”, named after Beale Street in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee.

Beale Street Baptist Church, Tennessee’s oldest surviving African American Church edifice, was important in the early civil rights movement in Memphis. created the “Blues on Beale Street”.

James Baldwin wrote himself wrote about the title of his novel “Beale Street is a street in New Orleans, where my father, where Louis Armstrong and the jazz were born. Every black person born in America was born on Beale Street, born in the Black neighborhood of some American city […]. Beale Street is our legacy.”

** 19th September 2019 ** 8 pm ** If Beale Street Could Talk ** Alte Gerberei **


Who wrote If Beale Street Could Talk?

Who wrote If Beale Street Could Talk?

James Baldwin (1924 – 1981) was an African American novelist, playwright and activist. He was born in New York and grew up in a poor neighbourhood and lived together with his mother, father and nine stepbrothers and stepsisters.

His talent for writing was discovered early at school, he pursued it without support from home. He experienced racism and rejection; discovered he was gay, emigrated to Europe, came back to the US and got engaged in the civil rights movement.

Read more about his impressive biography here.

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If Beale Street Could Talk was James Baldwin’s fifth novel, published in 1974.

“Beale Street is the first Baldwin novel to focus exclusively on a black love story; it is also the only novel in his corpus narrated by a woman. Published at the tail end of the Black Arts Movement, it explores love within black life, centering on the emotional bonds holding two African American families together.” (Wikipedia)

In 2018, director Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) adapted the novel for the movies, and Regina King received an Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress”.

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New attempt: If Beale Street Could Talk

New attempt: If Beale Street Could Talk

Dear Film Fans,

this month we keep our promise to get If Beale Street Could Talk onto the big screen for you. Due to technical difficulties it had to be replaced at short notice in June.

Now all is sorted and we could finally get a copy that works, so get ready to watch the movie on 19th September.

The film tells the story of Fonny and Tish, young African American lovers who expect their first child; but at the same time they have to go through hard times when Fonny is wrongly accused of rape and must go to jail.

Regina King received an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress in 2018.

The film has consistently received very good reviews since it was released in cinemas.

* 19th September 2019 ** 8 pm ** If Beale Street Could Talk ** Alte Gerberei *


Sound & Vision – finally online!

Sound & Vision – finally online!


Dear music film fans,

we are very proud to announce the first Sound & Vision International Festival for Music Films, taking place in St. Johann in Tirol on 10. – 13. October 2019.

Details are already online here in English and German.

Don’t miss it!

Freddy Mercury, Nick Cave, Ginger Baker, Chilly Gonzales, Elton John, Sigur Rós, Frank’N’Furter, The Band, Spinal Tap will be playing for you!


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