Uluru, Moon Rock, Ayers Rock

“A bittersweet Australian drama with strong performances and scene stealing scenery” is our next ELFs film:

** Thursday 19th January, 8 pm **
** Alte Gerberei, St. Johann in Tirol **
** in English with English Subtitles **
>>> Platform 2 live before the film! <<<

Nice review about MOON ROCK FOR MONDAY on mattsmoviereviews.net. Read the full story here.

(c) Pinnacle Film Australia

Let’s meet up next Thursday and watch MONDAY travelling to MOON ROCK.

Apparently the soundtrack covers “a selection of classic Australian indie-rock favourites”, so the film is a special for all you music lovers out there!


Thank you!

SOUND & VISION 2022 Recap

We enjoyed four days of impressive movies about brilliant artists and bands, not only about their music, but also their art, their life, their background. The cherry on top was a “Saturday night (almost) live” offering another two great concert films for one ticket.

ELFs sends a very BIG THANK YOU to

  • our nice and loyal audience
  • our highly motivated team
  • all tireless voluntary helpers
  • our reliable partners and sponsors
  • Gemeinde St. Johann
  • Land Tirol
  • and Musik Kultur St. Johann for their outstanding support!

The 2022 photos will be online soon in the S&V Gallery.

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No doubt Sound & Vision will be continued, in 2023 the Festival will celebrate its 5th birthday – stay tuned!