A Copperfield for the 21st Century

Hi Film Fans,

just checking some reviews for you about our next film THE PERSONAL HISTORY OF DAVID COPPERFIELD.

“This … is a Copperfield for the 21st Century: energetic, sprightly, and all-embracing.     …

Forget every Charles Dickens screen adaptation you’ve ever seen — Armando Ianucci’s take on David Copperfield is the funniest, freshest, most fulfilling cinematic foray into Victorian England since, maybe, ever.”

That’s what Bill Newcott says in his review about the film in The Saturday Evening Post – read the full article here.

Less Covid-restrictions now at Alte Gerberei, but please be aware that the 3G rules still apply; we would also appreciate if you reserved your seat in advance, in order to be quicker at the entrance.

** Thursday 22nd July ** 8 pm ** ALTE GERBEREI **

See you there!

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ELFs July Film

Based on Charles Dickens’ novel

“The Personal History, Adventures, Experience And Observation Of David Copperfield The Younger Of Blunderstone Rookery (Which He Never Meant To Publish On Any Account)”,

written and directed by Armando Iannucci (remember “The Death of Stalin” ?!).

Details will follow … see you there!

** Thursday 22nd July ** 8 pm ** ALTE GERBEREI **

The heartbreak of homelessness

Just another week to go, and ELFs‘ next movie will be on the big screen at Alte Gerberei. Before lights go out, enjoy the sun in the garden  – have a drink or two (YES the bar is open again!!) and listen to Platform 2.

Sounds like a nice Thursday night, doesn’t it?

** ROSIE ** Thursday 24th June ** 8 pm ** ALTE GERBEREI **

Peter Bradshaw writes about ROSIE in The Guardian: „The potency of the film lies in showing us that the “homeless” are not a caste or tribe whose condition has been ordained at birth, and their situation is not a cosmic punishment for laziness – they are people like everyone else whose situation has been created by economic forces.“

Read the full review here.

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Please follow the current 3G regulations vaccinated – tested – recovered.

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Helen Mirren in St. Johann

Interesting fact: Helen Mirren has visited St. Johann in Tirol in the past.

This Thursday she’s back, though this time on the big screen at the ELFs movie night with “The Good Liar” at the Alte Gerberei 😊.

** THE GOOD LIAR ** Thursday 27th May ** 7.30 pm ** ALTE GERBEREI **

As we have to make a seating plan and cannot fill the Alte Gerberei to capacity due to the distancing regulations, we can’t guarantee entrance to those who do not reserve!

So all will be prepared better if you help us and reserve your ticket in advance -> online reservations here.

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Cinema screenings during building work at the Alte Gerberei

Not easy, but we put together a temporary system last Thursday for the first Monoplexx film after lockdown 😊.

If you want to see how far the building work has come on (and what system we have put together) this Thursday at ELFs movie night – we have a great film with Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen ready for you!

** THE GOOD LIAR ** Thursday 27th May ** 7.30 pm ** ALTE GERBEREI **