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We are very pleased to see that the government measures have begun to take effect. There is still a long road ahead before life will very slowly return to normal, step by step. The situation to date is that all our upcoming films will be moved back by at least 3 months.

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For now, we thank all of you for your past support and look forward to when we can safely spend a cinematic evening together again – and of course a glass or three – Cheers! ELFs

Date                        April 16th, 2020

Name                     Mrs. Lowry and Son (UK 2019, 91 min.)

Director:                 Adrian Noble
Cast:                        Vanessa Redgrave, Timothy Spall, Stephen Lord a.o.

English with English subtitles

Entry, bar open:    19.15 h
Film starts:             20.00 h

Depicting Lowry’s life in the Lancashire town of Pendlebury in the 1930s, when he lived at home, caring for his widowed mother, devoted and lonely. It’s not easy, she is disappointed in him and is totally dismissive of his art – only liking a painting when a new neighbour of “the right class” expresses an interest in it.

Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Spall steal the show in this low-key tale of one of Britain’s most beloved artists and the life that he endured waiting hand and foot on his elderly mother.