Our Next Film


Date            Thursday, June 24, 2021
Time           8 pm  (doors open at 7.15 pm)

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Director:                  Paddy Breathnach
Genre:                       Drama
Production Year:     IRL 2018, 86 min.
Cast:                          Sarah Greene, Moe Dunford, Ellie O’Halloran a. o. 

English with English Subtitles

Rosie is a mother of four, her partner John Paul works in a restaurant kitchen; they were living happily and responsibly in a rented house in Dublin, until their landlord sells it. Now the family are looking for somewhere else, but rents are unaffordable, and during their increasingly desperate search, they find themselves having to beg social services for temporary hotel rooms – a different place each night. The possibility of having to sleep in the car gets ever closer and the strain of not admitting to their friends or children’s teachers what is happening becomes almost unbearable.

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Come early, have a drink and listen to Platform 2 before the film!