Herbert Pixner & The Italo Connection

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Date:               Saturday 17th October
Time:              4.30 pm   /  7.30 pm (repeat)
Entrance:      € 9,–/11,–   (Festival passes and ticket packages available)

Director:                Christoph Franceschini
Cast:                       Herbert Pixner, Mario Punzi, Max Castlunger, Marco Stagni,                                                 Martl Resch, Alex Trebo and Manuel Randi   
Production Year:   2020, IT/AT, 85 min

German/Italian/Ladin (with German subtitles)

Informationen auf Deutsch

Christoph Franceschini and Mauro Podini accompanied The Italo Connection with camera and microphone throughout the 2019 tour: from Sterzing to Hamburg via Rankweil and Salzburg to Berlin. The result is a gripping road movie about the exceptional musician Herbert Pixner, his life on tour and his passion for music.

“I wanted to do something loud, rough, where we play full force again”, says Herbert Pixner about his project “The Italo Connection”, a kind of supergroup with Mario Punzi (drums), Max Castlunger (percussion), Marco Stagni (bass), Martl Resch (sax), Alex Trebo (keyboards) and Manuel Randi (guitar).

Besides the talent that distinguishes each individual musician, The Italo Connection represents South Tyrol’s multi-culturalism. “These seven musicians are the crème de la crème of the local music scene. As a band they are unique because all three language groups are represented. They represent South Tyrol the way it should be – a place where there are no language barriers and everyone can speak freely, often with music” says director Franceschini.

Followed by a Q&A session with Herbert Pixner and the director

German Trailer

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© Mauro Podini, Silvie Laubscher

Italo_0©Mauro Podini_Silvie Laubscher