Covid-19 Information

We are very pleased to host the 2nd Sound & Vision Festival this year.

The Covid-19-pandemic forces everyone to follow certain regulations.

It is important for us to act as responsible as possible for our audience and for ourselves.

We strictly adhere to the guidelines for events and ask for your cooperation.


  • There is only a limited number of seats for every film, so that we can assure the necessary distance between the visitors.
  • After every event, the hall is ventilated. We will ask the remaining audience to leave the room for this purpose.
  • Please keep a distance of at least 1m from other visitors at all possible times.
  • Please wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly. Disinfectant is provided.


  • Please use the opportunity to buy your tickets in advance online, in order to avoid contact at the box office on film evening and disappointment should we be sold out.
  • If you wish to sit with your partner, friends or family you MUST order all the tickets in one go. Each separately ordered ticket with be allocated a single seat with distancing to the other seats.

Seat Assignment:

  • All seats are assigned (no self-selection) – please stay with your assigned seat, do not swap seats and do not change your seat’s position.
  • Please wear face masks when entering or leaving until you are in your assigned seat.
  • Please wear face masks every time you leave your seat.

Contact Tracing Possibility:

  • If you know or suspect that you have been in contact with a Covid positive person, please refrain from attending the event.
  • When buying your ticket, there is the voluntary option of contact tracing:
    You can leave us your name, telephone number or e-mail address, so we can contact you in the worst case.
  • Your data are only kept for this purpose and will be destroyed after 28 days.

We are doing our best to offer an excellent and safe festival.

We reserve the right to update these measures due to new regulations. We will keep you posted via social media and on our website. The latest information can be found on our website.

In case you have questions, please contact us here (link to contact form).

Thank you very much for your understanding!