Food & Drinks 2021

Barbara Aschaber is a familiar face, you usually meet her on Fridays at the Bauernstand on St. Johanner Wochenmarkt.

This year she will take care of all you hungry guests at the Festival … regional, sustainable, seasonal.

She will offer different kinds of sandwiches, using
• home-made Dinkelweckerl
• home-made Bauernbrotweckerl

Different toppings will be available, such as
• home-made cheese and vegetables from Barbara‘s own farm Notheggen (St. Johann)
• cheese from Oberndorf‘s Schörgerer farm
• Speck and sausages from Sebastian Edenhauser‘s farm (also located in Oberndorf)
• vegetables from Kirchdorf‘s well-known Hüttschader

YUMMY … all food will come pre-packed for obvious reasons.

Drinks are as usual from the MuKu bar: Beer, Wine, Frizzante, Water, Fruit Juice, Radler etc etc etc

FOOD & DRINKS at the bar – drinks every day, food on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Festival!