Date:               Sunday 16th October
Time:              5.00 pm

Live Dance Performance with Austria Tanz Akademie at 4.45 pm – come early!

Directors:        Iciar Bollain
Cast:                 Carlos Acosta, Santiago Alfonso, Carlos
Enrique Almirante, Laura De la Uz a. o.
Production Year:      2018, ESP/UK, 110 min.

German Version

The film follows the biography of the Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, a legend in the world of dance. As the first black ballet dancer, he performed in some of ballet’s biggest roles.

But he is a dancer who did not want to dance …

Carlos Acosta, an Afro-Cuban boy growing up in Havana, is nicknamed Yuli by his father. He is a talented dancer and is enrolled in a prestigious ballet school by his parents. The film shows his development from a boy who worries that ballet is “effeminate”, to being one of the world’s greatest performers and directors, and a pioneer among Black dancers.

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