Tickets on Sale NOW

Sound & Vision 2022 is not a draft on the drawing board any more.

The FILM LIST has been online for some days.
Today we could open the ONLINE TICKET SALE for you.

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Sound & Vision rocks!

Hi guys,

we are proud to say that finally the Sound & Vision Festival 2022 is sorted out!

The line-up is online, some really great films and side events are waiting for you.

Tickets will be sold in advance online or at the box office directly before a film.

Attractive ticket packages are also available (online only).

Have a look at the details here.

See you at the Festival, guys!

(c) Polyfilm (Leonard Cohen), Walt Disney (Summer of Soul), ie productions (Rockfield)

ELFs September film

Nancy Stokes, a 55-year-old retired teacher, has never experienced an orgasm, or any satisfying sex at all. Her marriage was stable but stale and her late husband was the only man she had ever slept with. To make things right, Nancy takes the leap and hires the services of Leo Grande, a sex worker – or “sex therapist,” as he puts it – in his twenties. But her plan is complicated by a seemingly insurmountable collection of inner barriers and taboos.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande is a delightful story of two strangers finding a connection and celebrating their differences. Their relationship feels so natural and, quite honestly, refreshing. .. In a time when society has made women’s bodies into a thing of politics, shying away from the discussion of sex, it’s enlightening to watch a film that embraces it and beautifully portrays what it means to finally love yourself.

Laura Sirikul,

** Thursday 22nd September **
** Alte Gerberei, St. Johann in Tirol **
** English with German Subtitles **

(c) Filmladen

A review in three sentences

On our search for film reviews telling us some more about 23 WALKS, the Thursday night movie (YES – tomorrow!) at Alte Gerberei, we found a brief statement written by Matthew Bond (for Event magazine).

The whole review consists of three sentences only, but hey, doesn’t it make you curious?
He says

23 walks is a gentle little British picture about a sixtysomething couple – played by Alison Steadman (on our TV screens this week in Life) and I, Daniel Blake star Dave Johns – who meet walking their respective dogs in North London parks and gradually fall in love.

Until we discover that amiable, easy-going Dave has been hiding a rather big secret.

It’s a bit slow to get going, and could have done with better chemistry between the two leads, but does feature nice parks and one of the most startling sex scenes you’ll see all year.

Original review here, scroll down.

So let’s have a look then … see you there tomorrow!

** 23 WALKS **
** Thursday 21st July,  8 pm **
** Alte Gerberei, St. Johann in Tirol **
** in English with German Subtitles **

(c) Nick Wall Filmladen

How looks can be deceiving

ELFs Film Thursday is coming up quickly!

We are looking forward to 23 WALKS and a glass of wine or two in the sun at Alte Gerberei’s garden before the movie.

Until then, let’s have a look at some reviews.

Dave Griffiths writes:

From the outside 23 Walks looks like it is going to be a run-of-the-mill romance between two older member of our society. How looks can be deceiving though. Scratch under the surface of 23 Walks and you discover a brilliantly written film that packs quite a punch as it explores social topics that many other films would shy away from.

… Thought-provoking, dramatic and at times intense 23 Walks is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t judge a film before watching. The film comes from one of the best screenplays of 2020 and gives its two leads the opportunity to pull off some sensational performances.

Read the full text here.

** 23 WALKS **
** Thursday 21st July,  8 pm **
** Alte Gerberei, St. Johann in Tirol **
** in English with German Subtitles

Alison Steadman as Fern and Dave Johns as Dave in 23 Walks, directed by Paul Morrison. Photo: Nick Wall. Copyright: Parkland Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.