Kajillionaire – what to know …

Usually we scan the internet reviews of our next film and publish one or two on our blog, to inform you a bit more about the movie’s contents and what other viewers thought about it so far.

(L to R) Debra Winger as “Theresa Dyne”, Evan Rachel Wood as “Old Dolio Dyne” and Richard Jenkins as “Robert Dyne” in director Miranda July’s KAJILLIONAIRE, a Focus Features release. Credit : Matt Kennedy / Focus Features

Kajillionaire is described very accurately on RottenTomatoes.com under the headline WHAT TO KNOW:

Whether you see Kajillionaire as refreshingly unique or simply bizarre will depend on your cinematic adventurousness — and fans of writer-director Miranda July wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some imdb.com user reviews below will help you get a clearer picture  – or rather not?

Delightfully weird.        9/10
Wrapped presents.          8/10
I don’t understand all the negative reviews:    9/10
Why can’t we have more movies like this?   7/10
A beautiful mess     7/10
Do you want to quirk w/you coffee …?    8/10
Wacky and heart rending      10/10
Bleak and humourless film marketed as comedy, shallow, with artificial and forced quirkiness    no rating
What was this film?    3/10
No!     1/10
Intoxicating     8/10
Quirky Dark Comedy        5/10
Horrid       2/10
This is what you get when you write a script in 5 minutes”        2/10
Highly recommended       no rating
Ratings are too harsh for this movie     7/10
Great piece of work from Mirandy July.       8/10
Artificial originality. That’s a new one      4/10
This film is a litmus test for state of our world    9/10
A movie full of lies!      2/10
Better than I thought       8/10
A brilliant and beautiful film.      9/10
A little too odd at first, but really comes into its own later on    7/10
Watching a snail crawl is more entertaining     2/10
Offbeat, superb portrayal of Boomer sociopathy       9/10
An interesting premise, that doesn’t go anywhere really…     5/10
Plenty of Laughs With a Lot of Heart      9/10
Entertaining enough for me.          7/10
O. M. G. W. T. F. did I just watch?      3/10
Challenging but worthwhile in the end       7/10
fascinating and infuriating          6/10

Anyway, you will probably have to see for yourself how you like it :-)).

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A child’s-eye-view of The Troubles

A review from Down Under by Matt Neal, ABC radio film critic, about ELFS’ next film BELFAST:

… the story provides a child’s-eye-view of The Troubles. Branagh stand-in Buddy (Hill) tries to understand why the Catholics and Protestants of his neighbourhood are at war with each other, and the impact living in Belfast is having on his family.
… The humour is important. Not only does it lighten the heavy load of the film, but it helps capture the Northern Irish charm, spirit and heart in the face of adversity. Belfast is as much a love letter to a lost youth and a loved city, as it is a snapshot of The Troubles. You will laugh out loud throughout this film, just as you’ll be wowed and even moved to tears.   …

Review link

BELFAST will be on the big screen next Thursday night at Alte Gerberei. Do you know you can still win your tickets? Check out our last post about this … (also on Instagram or Facebook).

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A twinkly-eyed childhood memoir

Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast is a film about the Troubles that, when you dig into it, isn’t so much about the Troubles at all. A twinkly-eyed childhood memoir – and rigorously fashioned to be an Oscar frontrunner – it’s set during the cold months of 1969, when outbursts of sectarian violence across Northern Ireland marked a change in the air. It’s now recognised as the very start of a three-decade conflict, leaving scars still far from healed.

(review by Clarisse Loughrey, independent.co.uk)

** Thursday 19th May,  8 pm **
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