In the northwest of Scotland, there stands a glacier-carved mountain called Suilven.

“In the northwest of Scotland, there stands a glacier-carved mountain called Suilven. Climbing it is not for the timid. But that’s not a word that describes the unusual heroine determined to conquer Suilven in the film Edie.

Edith Moore — everyone calls her Edie — is no ordinary climber. She’s 83 and has been sedentary for most of that time. That mountain, though, looms large in her mind in this quiet, unrushed and moving tale of age and will.”

That is how Mark Kennedy’s Film review starts on AP News – read the full article here.

Block next Thursday night on your calendars for a relaxing movie night before Christmas – see you at Alte Gerberei!
Doors open at 7.15 pm -> come early, Platform 2 will play live before the film.

Reserve your ticket in advance and get a seat on the couch in the front row.

*** EDIE *** Thursday, 12th December 2019 *** 8 pm *** Alte Gerberei ***


Can you help on film day?

Can you help on us on film day?  No experience needed, we will show you what to do.

Usually we need the following help:

Bar   from 19:00 to the end of the evening

Kassa   from 19:00; you can leave at about 20:15, or after the film.

Setting up earlier in the day.  About 30 minutes needed.  

If you would like to help  please contact Herbert via our Contact form.


Try this out on our next film day. On December 12th, we will show EDIE – watch the trailer here.

*** EDIE *** Thursday, 12th December 2019 *** 8 pm *** Alte Gerberei ***


It’s Never Too Late to Find Yourself

It’s Never Too Late to Find Yourself is the slogan of our next film EDIE.

A week earlier than usual, keep 12th December free for the monthly ELFs movie!

83 year old Edie believes that it is never too late – packing an old camping bag, leaving her life behind and embarking on an adventure she never got to have – climbing the imposing Mount Suilven in Scotland.

Look forward to a nice film evening! Beautiful Scottish scenery as the backdrop to this tale of relationships, hope and courage.

*** EDIE *** Thursday, 12th December 2019 *** 8 pm *** Alte Gerberei ***

(c) Arrow Films

Great, it’s movie week!

Great, it’s movie week!

ELFs is “back to normal”. After the first successful Sound & Vision Festival in October, we are back now with a comedy from Australia. THE MERGER hasn’t got anything to do with business, it’s a fun movie about a football club saving its identity by recruiting refugees to build up the team.


A culture clash, Australian humour and landscape, just right for November.

Come early, there is LIVE MUSIC from 7.50 – 8 pm. The bar is open!

See you on Thursday, 21st November, at Alte Gerberei in St. Johann.

This is the Full Monty for the Footy field.

“The script deftly balances the comedy with the drama … – this is the Full Monty for the Footy field.” says Alex Lines of in his festival report of THE MERGER when the movie was competing at CinefestOz 2018.

Just one more week to go, then it’s ELFS time again at Alte Gerberei – reserve your couch, get a drink at the bar and don’t forget to be early:  yes, John from Platform 2 will give us a solo concert before the film.

We are looking forward to seeing you Thursday, 22nd November!

Doors open 7.15 pm; bar open 7.15 pm; film starts at 8 pm as usual.