A child’s-eye-view of The Troubles

A review from Down Under by Matt Neal, ABC radio film critic, about ELFS’ next film BELFAST:

… the story provides a child’s-eye-view of The Troubles. Branagh stand-in Buddy (Hill) tries to understand why the Catholics and Protestants of his neighbourhood are at war with each other, and the impact living in Belfast is having on his family.
… The humour is important. Not only does it lighten the heavy load of the film, but it helps capture the Northern Irish charm, spirit and heart in the face of adversity. Belfast is as much a love letter to a lost youth and a loved city, as it is a snapshot of The Troubles. You will laugh out loud throughout this film, just as you’ll be wowed and even moved to tears.   …

Review link

BELFAST will be on the big screen next Thursday night at Alte Gerberei. Do you know you can still win your tickets? Check out our last post about this … (also on Instagram or Facebook).

** Thursday 19th May,  8 pm **
** Alte Gerberei, St. Johann in Tirol **
** in English with English Subtitles **

(c) Universal Pictures

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