What it means to grieve for someone who is still alive.

Dear Film Fans,

hard times again, but we work hard to keep up the scheduled program for our visitors.

2G is valid for all who want to come to the movies: vaccinated / recovered. Those who only have a first vaccination need a PCR test.
NO ENTRY without a valid 2G certificate.
We recommend to additionally wear a face mask as well.

Now what will be on the big screen tomorrow night?

** Thursday 18th November ** 8 pm **
** Alte Gerberei **

Anthony Hopkins plays Anthony, who is slowly slipping into dementia more and more; and Olivia Coleman, as his daughter Anne, tries to keep up with the challenge of nursing her father and on the other hand living her own life.

“What is deeply scary about The Father is that, without obvious first-person camera tricks, it puts us inside Anthony’s head. We see and don’t see what he sees and doesn’t see. We are cleverly invited to assume that certain passages of dialogue are happening in reality – and then shown that they aren’t. We experience with Anthony, step by step, what appears to be the incremental deterioration in his condition, the disorientating time slips and time loops. People morph into other people; situations get elided; the apartment’s furniture seems suddenly and bewilderingly to change; a scene which had appeared to follow the previous one sequentially turns out to have preceded it, or to be Anthony’s delusion or his memory of something else. And new people, people he doesn’t recognise (played by Mark Gatiss and Olivia Williams) keep appearing in his apartment and responding to him with that same sweet smile of patience when he asks what they are doing there. The universe is gaslighting Anthony with these people.

It is a film about grief and what it means to grieve for someone who is still alive.“

describes Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian in his review of THE FATHER. Read more here.

(c) Constantin Film

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