Tic toc tic toc …

.. the online ticket sale for TINA is open tonight until 11 pm. Or buy your tickets directly at the cash desk.

Anyway, it’s movie time tomorrow night, with Tina Turner on the big screen.

We always like to check rogerebert.com for film reviews, here is what Sheila O’Malley says about TINA:

“… Rock and roll is not just a young person’s game. “Tina” understands this deeply. ... You don’t see performers like Tina every day. Or every year. Or every decade. There’s only one. Let’s not wait for the eventual obituaries to pour out our appreciation. “Tina” allows us to do it now.”

The link for the full article here.

Don’t forget to come early, PLATFORM 2 will open the festival with live music at 7.15 pm!

And … the bar is open.

We hope to see you there!

** International Festival for Music Films
** 14th – 17th October 2021
** Alte Gerberei, St. Johann in Tirol

Photo (c) Polyfilm


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