A film with “an appealing old school charm”

Dear Film Fans,

it’s nice to see you again at the Alte Gerberei, for another movie night with a film in English, some drinks from the bar, live music before the film, all as usual.

“Mrs. Lowry and Son has an appealing old-school charm and two performances that make it worth seeing. It addresses some well-explored issues of parenthood, living up to parental expectations vs. following your own path, and following your dreams. …” says Alex Saveliev in his review of Mrs Lowry & Son. See the full Filmthreat article here.

L. S. Lowry worked as a rent collector by day, at night he followed his true passion: painting. The film portrays Lowry’s life at a time before he became famous for his art.

More background details will follow in a few days – we hope to see you next Thursday!

*** Mrs Lowry & Son *** Thursday 25th June *** 8 pm *** Alte Gerberei ***

Please be aware that due to COVID-19 distancing regulations, we strongly recommend that you reserve your seat online under his link: Reservation.

We CAN NOT guarantee entrance to those who do NOT reserve!

Thank you very much for your understanding.


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