… as for Mulligan, one word: Wow.

In rollingstone.com’s review, Peter Travers takes his hat off to Carey Mulligan’s performance:

“Don’t miss the blaze that Carey Mulligan ignites in Wildlife. The British actress gives her considerable all to the role of Jeanette Brinson, a young housewife in Montana, circa 1960, who starts to unravel when her husband Jerry (Jake Gyllenhaal) heads to the mountains 40 miles away to fight wildfires and leaves her alone to raise their 14-year-old son Joe (Ed Oxenbould). In a beautifully nuanced directing debut, actor Paul Dano mines the smallest details in Richard Ford’s acclaimed 1990 novel — he and his partner Zoe Kazan wrote the emotionally-attuned script — to create a portrait of a woman who can’t quite catch up with the frustration and feminist stirrings she feels inside.  …”

See you on Thursday!

**   WILDLIFE   **   THURSDAY 13TH FEB.   **   8 PM   **   ALTE GERBEREI   **

Wildlife©Sony (9)

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