Did Sheila Hancock really climb Suilven?

Did Sheila Hancock really climb Suilven?

Sheila Hancock is EDIE in the movie with the same name – our next ELFs film showing on Thursday, 12th December.

Sheila Hancock is an English actress and author. Most of her career, she performed in theatre plays and musicals, also on Broadway. Sheila Hancock won several awards and honours, among them the Laurence Olivier Award and the Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Read more about her life and career on Wikipedia

In EDIE, she plays a woman in her eighties – which fits well, as she was born in 1933, by the time when the film was shot, she was 83 years old.

So the question came up – did she really climb Suilven for this film? Apparently it’s true: For EDIE, Sheila Hancock really climbed this mountain.

There is a nice video on youtube “Edie – Behind the Scenes – ‘To Climb a Mountain’ with Sheila Hancock” – have a look here at how it all worked out; and wow, the landscape is breathtaking!

See you there!

*** EDIE *** Thursday, 12th December 2019 *** 8 pm *** Alte Gerberei ***

(c) Luna Filmverleih



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